Brother International CGI Content Creation

Brother International

Project Includes: CGI // Video

Brother approached us for a range of CGI imagery to showcase the launch of their QL-800 series label printer range. The images needed to demonstrate how the labels could be used in different settings, from offices and warehouses to retail environments.

Brother CGI Store Cakes
Brother CGI Store Cheese

Our CGI team produced a stunningly detailed range of imagery showing labels within commercial environments that would be more difficult to access with conventional photography. The high level of control offered by CGI allowed us to plan and set up shots that can be easily adjusted at a later date, if for example, alternative products, environments or angles are required.

Brother CGI Warehouse Roomset
Brother CGI Warehouse Boxes
Brother CGI Warehouse Boxes on Shelf
Brother CGI Retail Outlet Roomset
Brother CGI Retail Outlet Shoes
Brother CGI Retail Outlet Bag
Brother CGI Office Binders
Brother CGI Office Name Tags

Our bespoke imagery was used across a range of media in Europe to promote Brother's new label printer range.