Swan Retro Content Creation


Project Includes: Design // Packaging // Photography

Boasting the UK's largest collection of colour co-ordinated housewares, the Swan Retro Collection features a host of iconic product designs re-born and revamped with modern technology. We needed to create a solution for the branding, product packaging and imagery that suited the vintage styling of the products, yet also sat comfortably alongside the existing Swan offerings.

Swan Retro Interactive Kitchen CGI

The Swan Retro range is ever growing and by using CGI for every aspect of imagery from the very start, we can continue to efficiently design new products and colourways that will complement the current lines. By taking key elements and design language from the core products and applying them to new lines, we have ensured a cohesive look and feel exists across the range.

Offering impact through an understated design, the strength of both the packaging and brochure for this range is down to the simplicity and bold use of colour.

Swan Retro New Product Development
Swan Retro Interactive Kitchen Food Prep CGI
Swan Retro Brochure Mockup

By utilising the best of our product development skills, coupled with our marketing strategy knowledge, Swan has had unprecedented success with the introduction of its Retro Collection. With turnover more than doubling since, the Swan brand is now considered as a genuine rival to the 'A-brands'.